Case Study: Hotel La Tour

Hotel La Tour opened its first City Centre hotel in Birmingham last March.  Working closely with the client and in partnership with Manchester based Dragonfly Contracts, Picto were brought on board to develop and deliver a suitable sign package, incorporating branding, wayfinding and information.

The new four star hotel group wanted a contemporary sign solution which would fit with the chic image of their brand.  They needed information to be provided in the right places, without sign over kill.  They also had the main Hotel La Tour brand and the sub-brands of the bar, restaurant, cafe and conference facilities to promote.  Robust finishes, the use of standard components (which could be quickly replaced if needed) and ease of cleaning were identified as essential requirements.

The solution comprises a kit of parts, a mix of state of the art products and some tried and tested favorites, using glass, polished stainless steel, fabric, aluminium and etched glass vinyl.  Graphics are a combination of computer cut, direct to surface digital and silk screen print.  External signs are finished with a protective lacquer, encapsulating the messages.  Back of house we kept it very simple using applied white vinyl onto black foamex panels.

Core directional signs in glass on polished stainless steel fixings. Graphics are applied to the reverse side of the glass for ease of cleaning.

Directions are provided around the main public spaces, the conference facilities and to the bedroom floors. The Hotel’s corporate typeface Futura is set in white on a black background.  Suitably stylish pictograms depict the toilets.  Clear unambiguous arrows are ranged with the type according to direction.  The sign system runs through to safety information, smoking policy, tariffs, door instructions and glass manifestation, with the client totally committed to retaining the integrity of the scheme right through to the smallest detail.

top left: manifestation in conference hospitality area; bottom left: seamless polished stainless steel pictograms; top right: glass branding sign; bottom right: minimal A4 frames display statutory information

Cafe Ezra is given its own treatment, with branding helping to define it as a venue within the hotel.

top left: window graphics define the street side entrance; top right: easy to change fabric menu boards; bottom left: flexible glass A3 poster displays; bottom right: internal branding

The Hotel is a short walk from Birmingham New Street station with a glazed elevation facing the busy Albert Street, catching the attention of slow moving traffic at peak times.  Hotel La Tour and its sub brands are featured around the perimeter of the 8 storey building.  Directions are provided to the Hotel entrance which is situated towards the bottom end of a pedestrianised street.

left: stainless steel monolith directs pedestrians; top right: entrance graphics; bottom right: external door instruction

  • Labelfreek

    Reply January 5th, 2013 2:55 pm

    Particularly like the monolith and the manifestations on this project! Lovely work!

  • David Mearns

    Reply January 25th, 2013 10:48 am

    Great work there, lovely typography and use of materials.

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