Case Study: Knop Law Primary School

Knop Law Primary School opened on a brand new site in September 2010, following the relocation from old buildings nearby.  The project has received numerous accolades for its design, including an RIBA award.

Picto worked closely with architects ADP (formerly GWK) and contractor Sir Robert McAlpine, starting the process 18 months in advance, defining the brief and ensuring a suitable budget was allocated within the project costs.

The end result is a suite of signs which are eye catching, colourful and informative.  The package includes external branding and directional signs, traditional sign-written graphics, three dimensional location graphics and a series of door signs incorporating tactile and Braille messages.

The typography and layout of all the signs was designed to meet with DDA guidelines.  The typeface Century Gothic, selected by ADP so that the perfectly circular “o”, “p” and “a” could be used around the circular glazing for the sign-written graphics.  Where possible easily recognisable symbols have been used to enhance messages.  The colours were chosen to match the palate used for the interior finishes and have been applied to provide good contrast.

External signs feature graphics with a protective lacquer finish and tamper-resistant fixings.  The school logo was modified so it could be cut in solid vinyl colours for the main building sign.  Using solid vinyls keeps the cost down and provides a longer lifespan than other manufacturing techniques.

Three dimensional location graphics: 25mm thick MDF spray painted 2 colours on spacers, simple and cost effective !


Information signs feature tactile and Braille graphics and use pictograms where appropriate. Classroom signs feature paper inserts to display teacher names.


Traditional sign-written graphics wrap around the glazed panels. External directional sign with protective lacquer finish and concealed fixings.

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