Case Study: St Columba’s Hospice

We are back at St Columba’s Hospice to report on the completion of what has been a five year project (see previous posts dated June 2012 and October 2011).

Located in the conservation district of Leith, on the outskirts of Edinburgh, the Hospice is a combination of new build and the full refurbishment of two Grade II listed buildings.  The £26m rebuild, which was funded primarily by donations, provides the surrounding population with the very latest in palliative care facilities.

Picto worked with architects Jane Darbyshire and David Kendal (JDDK) developing all the signage.  Emphasis was placed on finding the balance between there being too many signs around the Hospice and the development of a comprehensive wayfinding scheme that is sensitive and effective, both in how it sits with the rest of the building and how the information is presented.

Wayfinding in any facility where palliative care is required should just ‘be there’ and guide users in finding their way around without too much thought or effort.  An added challenge in this project was, due to the age and complexity of the buildings being used, some routes between rooms and different locations were quite complicated.

To co-incide with the opening of the redeveloped site the Hospice commissioned a re-working on their dove logo, removing specific religious symbolism and incorporating the words ‘care’ and ‘compassion’.  Elements of this were worked into some of the glazing as graphic displays and privacy panels.

The finished project provides relevant, understated wayfinding and associated signage throughout the Hospice.  It sits sensitively with the design ethos of the development, meets with DDA guidelines for signs and enables patients, visitors and staff to navigate the site with ease.

Picto were involved early on and were able to guide us through the process and give us good advice. I really think the hands on approach suited our project and gave us confidence. We are delighted with the end result.

Alison Allan, Project Lead

If you would like to receive a in-depth case study on the St Columba’s Hospice project please contact Picto.

Selected images by kind permission of Sally Ann Norman

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