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Picto recently completed a large scale project for Rochdale College including the fitting of floor directories and fire extinguisher boards over six floors in busy circulation spaces. The walls are finished in anti-graffiti paint, so redecoration involves taking everything off the walls and painting from one end to the other in one hit. Then re-fixing all the wall mounted items back again – including the signage and fire extinguisher boards.

Options were to screw fix through the panel faces and finish with covercaps (which tend to get picked off) or use reverse fitted split batons, which would enable panels to be lifted on and off.  Neither totally satisfactory in this particular environment, so we turned to button-fix.

Panels are routed on the reverse face to accept four of the button fixings, which are positioned in exactly the same place on each one. These are then screw fixed into position once the graphics have been applied. Using a single rigid template with corresponding hole locations, our installation team drilled, plugged and fitted the lime green buttons at each sign location. The panels are offered up to the buttons on the wall and ‘lock’ into position, providing a secure mechanical fix.  By using button-fix the panels can quickly be removed providing you know how to unlock them and then placed back in situ as required.  A very useful little fixing.

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