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Follow me | Signage designs: defining spaces

By Sendpoints

Published by Gingko Press, 2nd March 2015

Hardcover 288 pages

In contrast to some of the unrealistic images of signage available on places like pinterest, as a source of inspiration the 51 projects featured here focus on clear, simple wayfinding schemes with clever but realistic use of materials.

This book reminds me why good signage schemes excite me. The copy isn’t the best but it doesn’t matter, it’s a lovely collection of international projects. Some of the nicest contemporary work I’ve seen featured in one place. Good ideas achievable with sensible budgets.

above: From the UK, the PearsonLloyd signage scheme designed to reduce levels of violence and aggression towards frontline A&E staff. Commissioned by the Design Council and the Department of Health.

below: Fundação Dom Cabral by Brazilian agency Greco Design, featuring aperture cut pictograms which make use of the various backgrounds.

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