Glass Manifestation: Possibilities & Opportunities !

As well as complying with building regulations Part M (Access to and Use of Buildings 2004) glass manifestations offer a wealth of opportunities for applying graphic decoration to buildings.  This may be anything from simple circles, squares or other decorative shapes, more complex patterns, branding, information (for example opening hours, details of services, mission statements), wayfinding or full colour printed images.

To meet with the regulations clearly defined manifestations are required at two levels on glazed doors and panels in public and non-domestic buildings, 850mm to 1000mm and 1400mm to 1600mm, providing sufficient contrast from both sides in all lighting conditions.

Left: Forest Gate Library, London — photographic image printed onto clear film (architect FaulknerBrowns) Right: Bede 6th Form Sports Centre, Billingham — etched vinyl figures © Picto 2003 & 2009

Materials and production techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated.  Self-adhesive films are available in a range of etched finishes and tints, coloured vinyls can be solid, translucent or transparent.  Full colour graphics can be printed onto optically clear film at very high resolutions in CMKY and white ink. Results can range from the very subtle to bold and bright vibrant colour.

Toku Restaurant, Regent Street — Stylish interpretation at this Japanese restaurant incorporating graphics, intricate pattern and modesty screen (unknown origin)

Finally remember the sizes required to meet with the regulations are a minimum…images can be as big as the space available !

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    White ink on optically clear material sounds interesting! Food for thought… thanks for that one.

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