Interiores Gráficos

Graphic Interiors: Spaces Designed by Graphic Artists

Interior Gráficos by Corrina Dean

Published by Rockport 2001 (Spanish version)

Softcover 187 pages (hardcover published December 2000)

There’s a plethora of material available online on signage and wayfinding, but as I’ve blogged before (Shower Power, published August 2012 and Why I’m Fascinated by Signs, August 2011) this has n’t always been the case. When I first started working in the industry there were few reference points and building up my knowledge was a slow, dedicated process.

I found Interior Gráficos not long after it was published in a lovely bookshop dedicated to design at Barcelona Airport.  It features twenty projects worldwide with interiors designed by graphic designers, on their own and in collaboration with architects. Inevitably graphics appear as integral elements to each work, which should be noted was unusual at the time and I can remember pouring over each page eagerly on my journey home !

As I review it now, it’s a really interesting record of graphics forming part of interior spaces approaching the new millennium. Digital print was in its infancy (I think the options would be gerber print onto vinyl or cibachrome prints around this time ) and what I love about the projects featured is the creative use of materials, colour (applied by paint !) and traditional techniques.  Digital wallpaper and large format printed panels have their place now, but as a purist it’s great to see the use of other forms of manufacture and the richness they bring.

Cinema, Hong Kong 1996 — Tonkin Architects in collaboration with Hybrid Graphic Designs

National Museum of Science & Industry 1995 — three dimensional shapes and lettering with early gerber digital prints

The Millennium Dome — Millennium Experience exhibition for Ford 1999 (Imagination)

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