On the Loo Again…

To recap, I spend a lot of time talking toilets with clients…how to find them and how to sign them (see An Obsession with the Loo, posted September 2011 and Obsessing with Toilets Again, posted March 2012).

I think this obsession may be a typically British thing.  I also hold my older brother to account as the subject featured many times during our childhood !  On top of that, in the mid nineties I started working for a London-based Company whose head office was originally the world’s first showroom dedicated to toilets, owned by Thomas Crapper & Co (its now a Laura Ashley store).

When I’m out and about I’m always looking for interesting treatments.

Clever branded pictograms at Pizza Express direct and identify. No mistaking where you are !

Large format built-up stainless steel symbols define these toilets at Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre. Abstract images lead visitors into a shared entrance.

Public toilets at Morpeth Bus Station – confusing and inconsistent. The paper notice on the accessible door states that its the “DISABLED TOILET & BABYCHANGE”. I’m really disappointed as I thought the signing of UK public facilities had moved away from this kind of thing.

UK DDA guidelines state that pictograms on toilet doors should be a minimum of 100mm high (note most standard signs that come with ironmongery systems are at least half this size).  Signs should be located on toilet doors at a consistent fixing height of between 1400mm and 1700mm from ground level.  There is no legal requirement for graphics to be tactile or include Braille, although I find many clients who are operating public buildings favour this specification.

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