Out & About with the Arrow Police…

Badly designed, out of proportion and often confusing arrows on directional signs are a particular bugbear of mine.  Here are some I’ve spotted recently…

Animal hospital in Northumberland – very confusing having an arrow pointing to a no entry area !! The poor quality of the graphics are a shame as the colours and simplicity of materials work well in their rural setting.

My pet hate — arrows with a tail on the end !!! Shame on the sign company who produced this (it only went up last year) – centred text, mix of caps and upper/lowercase, very poor design on every level.


Happy to report that we have recently replaced this design classic. Thank you to our forward thinking client !


Spotted at a service station in the South West. This was one of the less confusing signs, those immediately off the exit had a choice of six options with an arrow design and layout which were difficult to interpret especially when approaching at speed. Surprised that the operator in question has got away with these signs.


Best practice for incorporating arrows on signs


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