Rochdale Sixth Form College

Rochdale Sixth Form College asked us to replace their existing signage with a new wayfinding scheme. The new scheme needed to reflect the outstanding education provided by the college – and demonstrate and celebrate their increasing academic success and status.

Old signage, common problems

New students and visitors alike were struggling to navigate their way around the college, with its flat, monotone signage. In addition, the statutory signage was inconsistent, and there was no adherence to DDA guidelines.

Numbering floors with bold, bright colours

We began the project by defining the building’s north and south wings and installing a series of bold 3D numbers, using different colours to identify each of the college’s six floors.

The contemporary typeface and colour palette give students and visitors strong visual clues as to the location of different rooms.

Preserving paintwork with simple screws

We replaced the existing 2D adhesive floor numbers, which had to be replaced each time the college was redecorated, with bold 3D numbers displayed with hidden screw-on fixings. The new numbers are both easy-to-remove for redecoration and reusable, saving time and money.

We designed a consistent scheme for the statutory notices throughout the building, in particular developing clean and clear signs for the college’s fire extinguisher boards using melamine faced plyboard.


We used this brilliant fixing device which meant that all the directories and signage boards could be removed and replaced with ease. The boards simply ‘clicked’ into place with a snap-on, snap-off action, protecting the paintwork. Rochdale College was the first time I’ve used this tool, but I’m already specifying it on other projects.

Sarah Phillips 

Marking doors and floors with printed papers

Each teaching room was given a colour, according to its floor, together with a number and a distinct function. We designed printable templates for door inserts that the college can edit, update and reproduce with ease and at minimal cost.

New wayfinding, new flexibility

To inject the college with a more youthful feel, we designed and developed a complete wayfinding scheme, including individual floor directories that we can update and reproduce with ease.

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