Details: Seamless Metal Letters & Graphics

Occasionally we are lucky enough to be able to specify these top end metal graphics which are fabricated in the States.  They are traditional “built up letters” that are made to such a high quality you can’t see where the material joins at the edge (normally you would see where the face of the sheet material joins the return edge, which is perfectly acceptable in most cases).

We are currently specifying some 10mm deep polished stainless pictograms using this process which will be fitted to walnut finish doors for some very posh toilets in Birmingham.  Full project details to follow in due course.

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  • David Mearns

    Reply January 23rd, 2012 11:03 am

    These are lovely, as a standard i normally specify the return to be 10% of the height. I can see these are deeper which gives even more character and a sense of total uniqueness.


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