SEGD Symposium at the V&A 2012

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend the second SEGD (Society for Environmental Graphic Design) International Symposium at the V&A Museum.  This years theme was Design Innovation Collaboration and provided a stimulating day of presentations and networking with fellow SEGD members and guests.

For me the highlight of the event was a conversation between Malcolm Garrett, Ken Grange, Mike Dempsey, Dinah Casson and Alex McDowell on their personal choices for what has been the most influential piece of British design in the last 64 years.  The timeframe of 1948 – 2012 was selected as the period between the two Olympic games hosted by London, corresponding with a the Museum’s exhibition British Design from 1948: Innovation in the Modern Age.  Their choices ? Sometimes surprising, but in context extremely entertaining (ask me about it next time you see me !).

Top image: Malcolm Garrett (left) and Ken Grange (right) discuss the development of Jock Kinnear and Margaret Calvert’s road sign system as part of a converstation on British design since 1948.

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