Work in Progress: Milecastle Primary School

Continuing our work signing new and refurbished primary schools, we were commissioned to develop a scheme for Milecastle Primary School in Newcastle.  Working with architects ADP, we have developed a package of external and internal signs branding the school, providing wayfinding and feature graphics using bright colours and simple typography to compliment the building design.

The new school is a comprehensive refurbishment of 1960s buildings.  Built-up aluminium letters featuring the school name are incorporated into the building facade.  A raised supergraphic runs along the main corridor with dynamic silhouettes of children playing.

Classrooms are identified with tactile and Braille signs mounted to the side of each door, incorporating a paper insert for teachers names.  Key spaces such as the library, hall and dining room are identified with 3D graphics.

Raised supergraphic spanning 23 metres runs along the main school corridor

Detail: Built-up aluminium letters, 800mm high by 80mm return depth, powder coated 1 of 5 RAL colours. The reverse side of each letter is left as an open construction. Each letter is fitted onto a flat plate which is bolted through the steel framework, with top support bars.

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  • Olly

    Reply April 23rd, 2012 10:28 am

    I really like the figures on the wall. Gives the wall an edge, quirky, and bold. Again something different and exciting. Puts a smile on my face.

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