Work in Progress: Palace Green Library

Part of Durham University, Palace Green Library is in the heart of the World heritage site located next to the iconic Durham Cathedral.  Dating back to 1833, it houses the University’s special collections including early printed books and medieval manuscripts.  Academics and visitors come from all of the world to visit the library and view the collections.  It’s scheduled to display the Lindisfarne Gospels in 2013.

The library is currently undergoing a phased refurbishment upgrading facilities and exhibition spaces. Working with Colin Williams of Inscape Design, we are providing a range of signs, including specialist display graphics in polished stainless steel, high quality architectural banners, poster cabinets, an internally illuminated map digitally printed onto fabric and the first phase of a wayfinding scheme, designed to change and grow as the library spaces are refurbished and developed.

The photo at the top shows polished stainless steel letters applied to a glass display wall.  Detail on the crest is chemically etched and infilled white.  The smallest letters are 35mm high !

Architectural banner identifying the retail space. Double sided graphics are digitally printed onto blackout fabric which hangs perfectly flat.


Polished stainless steel letters on spacer fixings with crest split into 4 sections, painted purple with white silk screen printed detail. The smallest letters are 30mm high. Getting this right is the real test of a good sign installer !


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  • Olly

    Reply April 23rd, 2012 10:29 am

    Nice! the simplicity works well. I love the colour!

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