Work in Progress: Scarborough Sixth Form College

We have been working on a new wayfinding system  for Scarborough Sixth Form College.  Highly regarded, the College provides A Level courses for around 1000 local students.  The site is made up of a 2 storey main building, which dates back to the 1930s (originally Scarborough Girls’ High School) and five additional one and two storey buildings which have been added at various times to a mix of architectural styles.  Our client wanted a modern scheme which would tie in with refurbishment works and bind the six buildings on the site to create a campus feel.

As well as binding their buildings together, the College wanted the new system to enable students and visitors to find their way around some complex spaces, which had been causing confusion.  The signs also need to work with the College timetable and meet with DDA guidelines.

We began by giving each of the buildings an alphabetical reference, starting with the main building “A” and re-numbering all of the rooms according to building, level and room location.  Each building was also allocated its own bright colour.  Our client wanted a brand-neutral scheme which would not look out of date if and when their logo changed and with this in mind we selected black and white as the main colours and the typeface from the DIN Shrift family.  Following on from this we developed a campus map, identifying each building and the facilities within them, using pictograms to replace words where appropriate.  The map and the new room numbers form the nucleus of the sign system and, along with new toilet signs were installed ready for the start of the Autumn term in 2012.

We went on to look at internal wayfinding, focusing on the particularly complex spaces within buildings A and B, using a combination of directional signs and maps.  The artwork for these will also be used by the College for printed hand-outs during open events and online information.

Central student spaces The Hub and Cafe 6 have their own branding and were each given appropriate treatments.

Finally we are in the process of looking at the external signs.  New signs identify each building entrance using the new colour coding and referencing while directions and notices are being rationalised and use carefully considered language and pictograms.

left: wayfinding focuses on room numbers with key facilities represented by easily recognisable pictograms; right: maps for the most complicated buildings are located in key circulation spaces

left: key rooms are identified with easy to change printed inserts for occupier names; right: colour coded room numbers using the new referencing system

top & bottom left: chunky 3D graphics in painted MDF brand the cafe; right: digitally printed fabric display panels held in tensioned frames define the student hub

left: selection of external signs prior to installation; all other images: first phase of the external wayfinding defines building entrances and simplifies information and notices, panels are fabricated in aluminium with a protective matt lacquer finish – simple, robust and cost effective

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  • labelfreek

    Reply March 11th, 2013 11:47 pm

    Your signs make me wish books were written entirely in pictograms. I just can not be bothered with words sometimes!

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